Thursday, June 17, 2021

Understanding Stages of Weight Loss

Formerly associated with the Frankel Clinic and the Liang Clinic, Dr. Chua Tee Lian is a Singapore physician who cares for patients with acute and chronic conditions. Leading C & K Family Clinic, Dr. Chua Tee Lian emphasizes a preventative, whole-person approach to staying healthy and avoiding illness. This may include incorporating fitness and nutrition plans in achieving weight loss goals.

Weight loss proceeds in stages, with the first stage spanning between four to six weeks, as stores of water, carbohydrates, and protein are shed. While some body fat may be lost during this period, it is retained for the most part.

Beyond the six-week mark, weight loss will shift to body fat and proceed at a significantly more gradual rate. Plateaus occur intermittently, during which time little, if any, weight loss is recorded. Some may struggle to overcome these plateaus, which can result from following an overly restrictive diet that ultimately causes one to deviate and move back to past eating habits. One way of overcoming this hurdle is to focus on selecting non-processed, low-fat foods that are also filling and delicious.

A sustainable weight-loss plan is one that does not simply rely on diet but also involves regular exercise. It’s even better to choose exercise activities that you already enjoy, from swimming to playing basketball. At the same time, pay attention to the quality of sleep and maintaining regulated habits that encourage your metabolism to function optimally in supporting your diet and exercise routine. 

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