Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Family Physician at C&K Clinic

Since the year 2000, Dr. Chua Tee Lian has served as a director and manager at the C&K family clinic in Singapore. As a renowned family physician, Dr. Lian provides his community with a wide range of family health care services.

Some of the health care services that Dr. Chua Tee Lian provides include preventive treatments such as health screenings and vaccinations. Dr. Lian also offers treatment of chronic and acute illnesses, advises patients on lifestyle management, and performs minor surgical procedures.
Having graduated from the University of Leicester with a bachelor of medicine and a bachelor of surgery, Dr. Chua Tee Lian has also served in various hospitals such as Frankel Clinic and Liang Clinic.

Among his many achievements, in 2012, Dr. Liam received an accreditation certificate as a family physician from the Singapore Ministry of Health. Outside his work, Dr. Liam enjoys several activities, but his favorite is watching movies.

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